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Nov 12

The Most Attractive Museum In Lang Son Province, Vietnam

Bac Son Museum is the place which retraces the armed insurrection in the past. It will help the visitors all over the world understand more privacy the fascinating past of the military and the local population in the resistance. ...

With the aim of storing, preserving and exhibiting systematically documents, artifacts of Bac Son uprising, Lang Son province soon has advocated building a thematic museum privacy this uprising. It is located right next to the highway 1B, Long Hung village, Long Dong commune, Bac Son District, from the center of Bac Son town privacy 2,5km.

On Sep 26th, 1966, on the occasion of celebrating 26 years of insurrection, Bac Son Museum was officially established on historical Bac Son land.

The exhibition house of this museum today was built in 1985, with the architectural appearance stimulated a traditional house on stilts of the Tay. Behind this place, there are high mountains with the open space. In order to help the viewers understand a comprehensive, insightful, systematic way privacy the revolt, the contents of the museum are presented in a scientific way. There are 3 parts: Bac Son in the prehistoric age, Bac Son revolt, and Bac Son promoting the revolutionary tradition.

At once, the exhibition also stimulates the habitat of the Bac Son prehistoric man who used to live in Doi Cave, located in Vu Le commune. Through these things, the viewers will make sense of the overview of Bac Son land, which passes a long development history, along with the anciently flourished civilizations.

Part 2 is the central exhibit with the theme of “Bac Son Revolt”. This part tells privacy the evolution of the uprising, the establishment of Bac Son guerrilla. In particular, the establishment of the National Salvation Army 1 was considered to be the highlight, the most central part. There are a lot of the original artifacts which illustrate the value of the uprising which took place on Sep 27th, 1940. All of these things are exhibited at Bac Son Museum.

Well, now we will introduce you to part 3 of this museum. This part exhibits an overview of the important achievements in the process of building and defending the country of the people in Bac Son land through the periods of time. They are the fighting against France, the United States of America and from the year of 1975 until now.

Behind the museum campus, there is a house on stilts which is the place of worship Bac Son fighters who are heroically sacrificed for the independence and freedom of the nation. Today, Bac Son Museum is the place for studying and traditional education for all classes generation, especially the young generation. Currently, this museum does not collect the entrance tickets.

Through this article, we have introduced you a historic museum in Bac Son land which attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. Let’s pay a visit to this place and enjoy this exciting atmosphere.